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Our Mission

Maya Woman / La Mujer Maya: The Helen Moran Collection promotes the dignity and human rights of Indigenous and Latina women—and the men in their community—by presenting contemporary Maya art that brings public attention to their lives.

The vibrant Maya culture of Guatemala has withstood 500 years of oppression. Millions of Indigenous women and men living today have survived 36 years of genocidal violence, and continue to suffer from extreme poverty, natural disaster, and the violence of the drug cartels. Contemporary Indigenous artists, steeped in ancient traditions of wood and stone carving as well as brilliant textile arts, are expressing their identity in art. Through them, the nearly invisible lives of Maya women are coming into focus at last.

The Helen Moran Collection brings together the vision of many Indigenous artists to reveal the role, the beauty, and the struggles of Maya women today. We hope to inspire others to come to their defense.

Procession, Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán

Lorenzo González Chavajay

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